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Ather Assure

Designing service plans purchase journey for 100k+ users on Ather app which allows them to discover, purchase and manage their subscriptions via app


In the subscription world of Ather, their mobile app experience was incomplete as users were not able to perform any actionable item on subscriptions apart from knowing the status. With the introduction of Ather new service plans aka Ather Assure there was need to design the subscription purchase journey which allows users a convenient & seamless experience of discovering, purchasing and managing subscriptions on their mobile

Why were we
doing this?

Poor discoverability of subscription plans as a product at the time of scooter delivery

Most of the customers who came to Ather experience centers were missed out on the knowledge of subscription plans at the time of their vehicle delivery. Product specialists inspite of their training forgot or missed out on properly educating customers about the subscription plans

Lack of awareness about the customer portal added a surprise/friction factor in CX when it comes to buying subscriptions online

Although there was an online medium present for users aka customer portal(web portal where customers can keep track of their purchase journey) it wasn’t adopted enough by the users from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Due to its lack of awareness and adoption, it caused friction in the customer experience when it came to purchasing and managing their subscriptions

Lack of ownership to customers as the customers were depending on Customer support for their subscription-related work(Discoverability, purchase or renewal)

Customers were dependent on customer support for their subscription-related work. The TAT for this was very high and it left customers kinda handicapped

Target Users

  1. Purchase journey

  • New customers without plan(in offer period)

  • New customers without plan(with no offer period)

  • New customers with plan(bought at the time of delivery)

  • Existing customers with no plan

  1. Renewal journey

  • Existing customers with plan about to expire

  • Existing customers with plan expired(in offer period)

  • Existing customers with plan expired(no offer period)

Overall Goal

How can we reduce customers' dependency on customer support and give them a better self-serve option for subscription?

The design goals focused on:

  1. Solutioning on discoverability of subscription plans & differential pricing

  2. Solutions regarding personalisation & presentation of plans for better decision making

  3. Solutioning on purchase & renewal journey for both new & existing users

Business Goals

  1. To increase attach rate of the product

  2. To have more control over the purchase discoverability and recall journey of the customer

  3. To drive app adoption

Subscription MApp.png


As seen on July 1 beta rollout

  • 58% of all subscriptions sold in June were from MAPP

  • Subscription purchases via the app increased by 40% 

  • The subscription purchase conversion rate increased by 4%

  • 6% more users entered the subscription funnel on MAPP

  • MAPP sold 10% more pro plans than other sources

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